Finishing the race with grace


Envisioning the future of a wireless lifestyle that cares about the planet and human resources.

After almost 40 years in business, half the time in the Telecom market, I'd like to share and bring that experience into the future.

I've traveled a lot and worked hard, made some mistakes but even enjoyed successful moments.

As we grow older and get more experienced, our values grows and gets stronger. You know what they say " If you see something, say something". That's why I'm taking all my experiences and bring them into my own business.

Why WASA, and does it matter?

We select brands that care. Care about their production. Care about the human resources. Care about products, warranties and packagings.

Because it's all about people. The manufacturer, the brand owner, the buyer, the sales associate in the store, the consumer. 

Product, People & Planet. That's what matters.

The bigger goal is " No more production with questionable roots", and it starts with You and me. What products we use and sell really matters!

Flex jobs are growing and people are getting more and more independent, working from other places then a regular office. That is why we all need products and resources that makes it easy, comfortable and reliable.

WASA offers great products with a long lifecycle. Tested and approved. For prices and margins that works.

Hope to see You out there!

All the Best
Annbritt Lindberg


Annbritt Lindberg