SmartAccessories in a SmartStore, in a SmartPackage, for a Smartuser.

I have a passion for SmartPhone accessories and their packaging. It's like a Love-story that drives me to go to work every day.

This passion of mine makes me, walking in to stores, in every city I'm visiting, just to look at their packagings and planograms. Looking at their planograms, do they use space as good as they can. What products are on their shelves? Does the packaging show the greatness of the product? 

Some of the channels really got it. They make me feel as I'm in a candy store for smartphone users. Where ever I look I see accessories, nicely exposed. In packagings that tell me the story. 

That's why I'm happy to work with new and exciting brands 2017. One of them has a unique package that gives the highest return on retail space. Ventev Mobile





Annbritt Lindberg