New Brands 2017 in Scandinavian Market


MyScreenProtector is a European based company. For about 11 Years they have been manufacturing Screen protectors. As a reseller this means You can partner with a experienced manufacturer, no risks, no MOQ. There protectors actually protect your screen better than any other brand I have tested. I did a test in my Network and they fully agreed with the professionnel test that was done 2014 by the German NewsPaper Connect. ( I'm not surprised.)

New BodySHIELD series

Many users have been struggling for a very long time to match the screen protection with a case that protects the back and side of a mobile device. A common thing is that after putting on a case, the screen protector can be lifted up and unglued.

BodySHIELD – the new series of MyScreen PROTECTOR products was designed to solve this problem.

AntiCRASH BoduSHIELD – dedicated to people who want to ensure the maximum level of protection of their devices against damage and especially to those, who have broken a screen or body of their devices in the past. Besides the impressive impact absorption of the antiCRASH film, the product comprises a case with specially reinforced corners. This product variant is also available for devices with curved edge screens like i.e. SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 Edge.

DIAMOND BodySHIELD – is the product variant dedicated to users, who take care of their devices and want to secure them just in case, especially against damage done by items that can be found in pockets, a purse or a backpack, like keys, coins and other hard items. These sets comprise of tempered glass or hybrid glass screen protector along with a slim and sleek transparent case.

The BodySHIELD series is offered with EasyApp STICK and EasyApp Kit systems that facilitate installation of the protection on the screen. Besides providing damage protection, the products significantly improve the grip of the device, so even the most slippery smart-phones can be held securely and safely.

The BodySHIELD series products were first presented during this year's edition of Mobility Days trade fair in Warsaw, on the 21st of September, 2016.

Annbritt Lindberg