WASA Wireless introducing Ventev at the European market. First out is In-Vehicle and Home Wireless Mobile Charging Solutions

Ventev knows that a power bank is not the most elegant of solutions even though it works, which is why it has decided to jump aboard the wireless charging bandwagon by offering solutions for both at home and in your vehicle.

Ventev is not only interested in wireless charging, but rather, fast wireless charging. This pursuit has resulted in the unveiling of a new wireless charging stand and dashmount which is touted to be able to charge up power-hungry devices at up to three times the typical rate. In fact, Scott Franklin, Director of Marketing at Ventev Mobile, claimed, “Until recently, it tended to be slow and inefficient. Our next generation wireless chargers are powerful enough to take a battery from zero to 60 percent in just 30 minutes.”

Now that is mighty impressive no matter which way you look at it from. Ventev will merge Qi 1.2.2, fast wireless charging, and PMA standards into their devices to achieve such a dream, and the universal solution from Ventev is capable of delivering up to 15 watts of power regardless of the device.

The new wirelesspro dock as you see above will handle any kind of charging needs while you are in your vehicle, and will be clipped to the vehicle’s air vents so that the driver will maintain his/her concentration on the road. The wirelesspro dock will retail for $59.99 a pop and comes bundled with a three-foot, tangle-free chargesync cable, a dashport rq1300, and a one-year limited warranty.

Then there is the wirelesspro stand which functions as a desktop charger, as it delivers speedy, 15-watt wireless charging capability. This wirelesspro stand will support Qi 1.2.2, fast wireless charging, and PMA, and comes with a couple of adjustable viewing angles.


By Edwin Kee on 01/04/2017 19:54 PST

Annbritt Lindberg