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At W.A.S.A we love accessories. We have been in the market for more then 20 years and seen so many brands made it to a big success, and many others that has lost their opportunity of several reasons.

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New Products 2019

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Woodcessories new Stone Cover for MacBook Pro 13” & 15” is an awesomely good looking product. I love it because of the good protection of course, but most because it make my MacBook be something that not everybody else have. And after adding it, I have had no problem at all. It’s sit there safe and securely protecting my computer.

I have thought a lot about how to sell it in stores. Are people really getting what is is, and how GOOD it is? Beside, I loaded a image of the packaging and I think they have done a great job.

When it comes to price it is a little bit high - But when thinking about the price we pay for our MacBooks - it is worth it, as it is a great protection.

Currently it is selling very good online - easy and light weight for E-Shops to ship for a low cost.

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The spring is almost here and we are all looking forward to be outside and enjoy the light that is coming over our Country Sweden.

RIVACASE is one of the most important Brand we have at WASA right now.

The company is organised, production and logistic works great.

Today they are selling in more than 60 countries and are one of the most reliable companies we have been working with. To be a brand is not only to be well known and sell in many stores. That is important. But as many of you know me, You know that I am very sensitive about the people in the team. Are they reliable, friendly, honest and hard working people? If they are, that is the beginning to have a product-line that is worth working with.

Of course there are many more steps before they are a trustable partner. We are talking about more than atmosphere and environmentally. It needs to be finansed, strategic and vise management and even more.



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White Diamonds was one of the first brand to market with cases focusing on Women. The year was 2013 in January when I first started to work with this guys. My first show was CES in Las Vegas and it was such an interest from the market. The whole 2013 I was travelling in North America selling into the biggest channels. It was such a tremendous experience. The planograms was filled with Black and Brown cases and the buyers was a little bit suspicious to start with.

We pushed for “Womens Corner” in the stores and the buyers was absolutely sure that Black Cases needed to be like 80% represented.

I am laughing now when I visit stores worldwide and there are so many new brands that followed WD. This is a part of my carrier that was hard, it was so tough to be a woman in this business. And I learned a lot.

Sometimes I think that I am in so early and have to do the hard work pushing for new product-lines, and after some years everybody wants it :-)

Now, 2019 when I review what White Diamonds has done, Started a new more tuffer brand with Black cases - it is to see the world upside down :-))

White Diamonds and Black Rock cases are more protecting then most of their competitors, and that is a challenge to show the end consumer the importance of. But they are still a leading brand, and I am looking forward to be a part of it again.

Woodcessories fits very well into W.A.S.A’s value proposition!


Planet, People & Products. That's what matters.

More and more people select Brands and Corporates that care about the planet. Care about their production. Care about the human resources. Care about products, warranties and packagings.

Because it's all about people. It’s all about the next generations. The manufacturer, the brand owner, the buyer, the consumer, we all look more into what is important. A movement has started with people that are willing to pay the price. Our environment is longing for our true attention.

One of the Brands that is going that extra mile for nature is Woodcessories from Germany. They are an example when it comes to taking responsibility for their production and giving back to nature. For every product purchased one new tree is planted.

They started with the mission to support nature and help sustain it. That’s the reason they started to work with the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) as well as Trees for the Future to ensure that their entire production process remains environmentally friendly and sustainable and to give back to nature at the same time.