W.A.S.A is a Part of Retail Cloud Matrix Group

The RetailCloudMatrix Group (abbrev. RCM) is founded by a Team of seasoned experts, each one with more than 15+ years of industry experience. Back in 1998 Nokia launched the 6130-series phone and the cell phone accessory business was essentially born with snap-on covers in multiple colors, carrying holsters, car chargers & more. Each one of us were there at the time, marveled by a cell phone so small you can put it into your pocket and affordable for most anyone. Since those day the the accessory market has bloomed into a multi-billion dollar industry with a countless array of product choices and brands.

We started the RCM Group to share our extensive experience with how to go-to-market and help brand owners expand into new markets. The RCM Team has access to most major buyers both on the Retail and Distributor side. We will help assist the Brand owner being set up with the right channel partner in US, Canada, Northern Europe and Central and South America. Our Goals

We will get you there - With our engagement, experience and strong network we are ensuring your Brand is positioned for long term success in the selected market.