1997-2004: Country Manager HandsOff Sweden

2004: General Manager - More Scandinavia

2005-2011: Independent Manufacturer Rep

2008-2011: KAM Herbert Richter Auto Comfort

2011-2012: KAM Scandinavia iBOLT

2012-2013: Sales Director North America - White Diamonds

2014-2016: VP of Sales - CasePower

2017: Executive Business Development Europe - Ventev

2018 - Present - Independent Manufacturer Rep

Present Roles

Owner - W.A.S.A Wireless Accessories Sales AB

Senior Managing Partner - Retail Cloud Matrix


Annbritt Lindberg


Annbritt Lindberg

Annbritt Lindberg has been running her own business since 1985. Growing up in a business family and with a network of entrepreneurs she made it the “hard way”. In 1997 she left the Retailer business and started as a rep for THB Bury in Germany, responsible for Sweden. HandsOff in Sweden was under her leadership growing to a success story in B2B business. Headsets and Amplifiers become her excellence when installing it to hundreds of police stations and call centers in Sweden. The Sales Director in North America for White Diamonds was a challenge but still a success. VP of Sales, Sales Director and leading sales roles gave her an amazing understanding for the accessory market.

With 20 years of Experience at the Global Telecom market, Annbritt has built a strong, long term & impressive network of Vendors and Suppliers.
Her business idea is to ensure that our customers get access to the best products of manufacturers that provide security and stability in production and deliveries.

Speaks English and Swedish

My Vision and statement

After almost 40 years in business, half the time in the Telecom market, I'd like to share and bring that experience into the future.

I've traveled a lot and worked hard, made some mistakes but even enjoyed successful moments.

As we grow older and get more experienced, our values grows and gets stronger. You know what they say " If you see something, say something". That's why I'm taking all my experiences and bring them into my own business.

Why WASA, and does it matter?

We select brands that care. Care about their production. Care about the human resources. Care about products, warranties and packagings.

Because it's all about people. The manufacturer, the brand owner, the buyer, the sales associate in the store, the consumer. 

Product, People & Planet. That's what matters.

The bigger goal is " No more production with questionable roots", and it starts with You and me. What products we use and sell really matters!

Flex jobs are growing and people are getting more and more independent, working from other places then a regular office. That is why we all need products and resources that makes it easy, comfortable and reliable.

WASA offers great products with a long lifecycle. Tested and approved. For prices and margins that works.

Hope to see You out there!

All the Best
Annbritt Lindberg